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B.Com. Sem 1st (Dec 2021) -- October , 2022
B.A Sem 1st (Dec 2021) -- October , 2022
B.A 3rd Sem (Dec 2021) -- October , 2022
BCA 1st Sem (Dec 2021) -- September , 2022
B.Ed. 3rd Sem (Dec 2021) -- September , 2022
B.Com. 3rd Sem (Dec 2021) -- September , 2022
BCA Sem-6th May 2022 (Regular) -- September , 2022
B.Ed. Sem-IV Reappear -- May , 2021
B.C.A. Sem-VI -- May , 2021
P.G.D.C.A. (Annual) -- May , 2021
B.Com. Sem-VI -- May , 2021
B.Com. Sem-IV -- May , 2021
B.Com. Sem-II -- May , 2021
B.A. Sem-IV Regular -- May , 2021
M.A. Economics Sem-IV -- May , 2021
M.A. English Sem-IV -- May , 2021
M.A. Punjabi Sem-I -- December , 2020
M.A. Punjabi Sem-III -- December , 2020
M.A. English Sem-III -- December , 2020
M.A. English Sem-I (D.E.) -- December , 2020
M.A. English Sem-I -- December , 2020
M.A. Economics Sem-III -- December , 2020
M.A. Economics Sem-I (D.E.) -- December , 2020
M.A. Economics Sem-I -- December , 2020
B.Com. Sem-V -- December , 2020
B.Com. Sem-III -- December , 2020
B.Com. Sem-I -- December , 2020
B.A. Sem-V (Regular) -- December , 2020
B.C.A. Sem-V (Regular) -- December , 2020
B.C.A. Sem-V (Re-appear) -- December , 2020

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A well management and the lecturer are very trained. Well trained lecturers and all. Good infrastructure and facilities are very good. In laboratories they have provided good internet connection. The campus is very clean and green. All subject teachers provides knowledge in better understanding methods and one on one mentoring is provided for each student and mini projects are conducted each semester.All skills based training is provided.Workshops,seminars and events are organized.
Sunita Rani
The campus is huge and richly equipped, infrastructure includes big practical labs, a sports/game room, library. The library includes a variety of books and if you are fond of reading you shall enjoy the time.The institute has an excellent infrastructure which has all the facilities with a well-equipped computer lab, central library, cricket ground, basketball and badminton court. I really like this college and I will recommend everyone to join the college. This is the college to provide you a bright future.
Arshdeep Singh
Our college have equipments and facilities. And for Practical knowledge we also have Workshops and labs. The faculty of our college is very knowledgeable and friendly.The Curriculum is very well planned and students and staff are well guided course structure ahead. The things I have learnt are helping me in my career ahead.Well disciplined and career fit students are from here. Many outstanding students are knowing their talent by the activities that college providing. The friends we get here make the difference of college experience.
Parneet Kaur

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Fateh Group of Institutions, the seed of which was sown in 2012, is growing day by day. If I’m not wrong it has become a full grown tree with the age of 8 years. This is an institute for girls, who wish to succeed in life, who are ambitious. The motto “Excellence for All, Excellence from All” foresees the relationship among the students and the staff, for the overall development of not only students but staff also. Joseph Addison has rightly quoted-: “What a sculpture is to block of Marble, Education is to human Soul.” Educational institute should build the environment so as to groom the student’s personality. There is a lot of difference between Literacy and Education. Literacy is the study of syllabus whereas education is meant for social, economical and personal upliftment of students. Education imparts the overall development. Fateh Group ponders over the idea of ambiance where our ancient cultural heritage and human skills are enhanced. We at Fateh Group impart the service of humanity, by creating personally mature, professionally equipped, and service oriented graduates. We, here, believe strongly in excellence in not only academics, but also on discipline, punctuality, sports and extra -curricular activities. Here we try to enable a person to face new challenges, achieve progress and lead asuccessful life

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