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Your time at Fateh Group of institutions is a great opportunity to meet people, try new things, and develop your interests

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B.Sc.(FT) Sem-II (May 2022) -- November , 2022
B.Com. Sem 1st (Dec 2021) -- October , 2022
B.A Sem 1st (Dec 2021) -- October , 2022
B.A 3rd Sem (Dec 2021) -- October , 2022
BCA 1st Sem (Dec 2021) -- September , 2022
B.Ed. 3rd Sem (Dec 2021) -- September , 2022
B.Com. 3rd Sem (Dec 2021) -- September , 2022
BCA Sem-6th May 2022 (Regular) -- September , 2022
B.Ed. Sem-II (Regular) -- January , 2022
B.Ed. Sem-IV Reappear -- May , 2021
B.C.A. Sem-VI -- May , 2021
P.G.D.C.A. (Annual) -- May , 2021
B.Com. Sem-VI -- May , 2021
B.Com. Sem-IV -- May , 2021
B.Com. Sem-II -- May , 2021
B.A. Sem-IV Regular -- May , 2021
M.A. Economics Sem-IV -- May , 2021
M.A. English Sem-IV -- May , 2021

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Why Fateh College is different organization from others educational institution?

There is a very strong bond between students, parents and management. The bond of emotions, feeling, mutual understanding, between students, management and parents. Faculty members always try to strengthen this bond by their effective teaching and counselling. All Round progress of the students is the main agenda of the management of Fateh College. Aims, goals and big ideals are useless without a good spirit to achieve them.Our vision is very much clear “The VISION”. Ours plans and strategies are on goal oriented. Discipline is not a mere slogan for the student of Fateh College, they follow it from the core of their hearts. Good teachers are the back bone of any educational organization. Our teachers try their level best to sort out the day-to-day problems of the students related to their studies and lives.

Different Way To Learn

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Affordable Fees Promise

Get Quality Education at Very Low Academic Fee & Yearly Charges

Highest Success Rate

student will get a sure-shot success with the high


Enriching lives by creatively enhancing and sustaining quality education in a relevant global environment.


We strive towards excellence with an earnest desire to continually improve, learn and grow

Main Academic Block:

The Fateh Group of Institutions is housed in a tree storeyed building in order to cater to the academic requirements of all the classes. The complex is sunny,airy & well furnished with elegant furniture. The latest facilities such as R.O. water well equipped washrooms & open stair cases have been provided for the convenience of students.This huge academic block has been divided into administrative block ,science dept. management dept. arts dept. career guidance counseling cell, sports & extra curricular dept. etc CCTV cameras to have been installed.



Career Guidance and Counseling

Fateh Group of Institutions has established an active Guidance & Counselling cell for the students of the college as well as students of school. Resources persons from different fields deliver talks about career options to pupil and staff. ->>

Seminars & Conferences

Fateh Group of Institutions strongly recommends and organizes seminars, conferences and guest lectures to provide a platform for students to acquire fundamental knowledge in their fields. ->>

Wi Fi Campus

Spread over an area of seven acres away from the humdrum urban life and is provided with the latest electronics & communication gadgets. All this, coupled with natural beauty and tranquility makes us ready to embrace the new trends & technologies for the overall progress of the institute Our learning spaces have changed drastically over last decade with the advent of the Internet and mobile devices. ->>

Computer Lab

Fateh Group of Institutions is equipped with more than 80 computers & enjoys the facility of air conditions & of wi fi equipment. Students have access to the internet & to the brand band. In order to increase the level of learning of students initiated the teachers & students can share their thoughts in writing though this online college magazine. ->>

Psychology Lab

Psychology studies are offered at this institute. There is very little && faculty rarely studied in another sister institute. We have set up a psychology lab here that focuses on personality studies such as intelligence, brain and matter, behavioral and behavioral, studies. Oral and non-oral tests are also performed regularly. To explain what happens in a psychology lab, we must first answer the question, “What is a psychology lab?” The answer to this question really depends on the type of lab that’s being discussed.->>

Science Labs

Fateh Group of Institutions are three different labs related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology and all of these labs are equipped with the latest practical materials. Our main goal is to make science and rational reasoning accessible to students in this bar. A Science lab is a workplace for the conduct of scientific research. It helps students to remember the concepts better. It helps to transfer the experience to other learning situations. ->>

Fashion Technology Lab

A three year degree course called B.sc in Fashion Technology is being run at Fateh Group of institute and it is basically related to self generated employment. The latest trend setter sewing equiments is installed. This lab is worth visiting and it opens new vistas of knowledge with reference to trends in fashion . ->>

College canteen and general store facility:

A neat and clean airy and very well ventilated college canteen stuffed with good quality eatables and cold drinks has been made available the students and teachers alike affordable competitive rates. Books and stationary items are also available to the students. ->>

About Fateh Group Of institutions

Role of contemporary education and choice of educational institution:
In Our Perspective

Educational Institute is the building block of wholesome personality It enables people to lead a better life. It also plays an important role in the social, economic and personal upliftment of the self. If an institution is able to fulfill the true objectives of education then only a person is considered to be truly educated, The Economical factor of education enables a person to be a bread winner and economically independent. Education not only makes a person socially or economically independent but also politically and aesthetically expressive. That is how in our perspective Educational institution plays a vital role in the lives of students. So, whenever the student and their parents look forward for the choice of an educational institution, for them, it is essential to ponder upon some basic factors of education. On the other side, if such consideration are lacking on the part of students or their parents than it may lead to depressive life and lack of fulfillment of life due to their wrong choice. In the standpoint of globalization, the fast changing norms of life makes it essential to look into the innovations of dynamic world.


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SS Chatha


Dr. Amarjit Singh Sidhu


Dr. Rajinder Kumar Tripathi


Professor Harpreet Sharma

AD (Planning & Development)

At Fateh Group Experienced Best Campus Life

We have an excellent reputation for quality teaching and sustained high levels of student satisfaction

It is never an easy task choosing college. We tend to consider lot of elements like Infrastructure, university, faculties & of course not to forget the influence of friends. Now, that is what makes the college life a memorable experience which one can never forget. At Fateh the environment is laid such that the bonding last for ever in the memory lane.

Activities, Special Events & Cultural Programs at Fateh Group of Institutions

Fateh Group of Institutions offers a wide range of events, activities, cultrual programs and trips for students to take part in throughout the academic year. This not only gives them an opportunity to get to know each other better and have fun but also to develop new skills, explore their creativity and discover a world of learning beyond the curriculum.

Educational Trips

A yearly journey is coordinated for understudies for each scholarly meeting. Further, the college puts together arranged visits to different spots to enhance the understudies. Travel grows your points of view and College life can’t be finished without the fun of instructive visits and outings. These outings are customized to encourage the understudies to know and comprehend the genuine, multicultural world.

Scout and Guide

The mission of Scouting is to add to the training of youngsters, through a worth framework dependent on the Scout Promise and Law to help assemble a superior existence where individuals are self-satisfied as people and assume a valuable job in society. Scout and Guide units are isolated despite the fact that they have some coeducational exercises, for example, Jamborees, rallies, and gatherings. Impeded young men and young ladies additionally take an interest in the Scouting program.

Cultural Activities in College

The present training framework isn’t simply bound to scholastics however advanced colleges center around bestowing abilities to Students like character improvement, certainty building, relational abilities, decorums, and so forth Social exercises become possibly the most important factor in ingraining these abilities in the Students. Urging students to partake in social exercises is the best method to teach character-related abilities.

Sports & Games

The establishment perceives the significance of athlete soul and collaboration for understudies. This can be scholarly in a friendly climate through games a lot. For this, the Campus has sufficient games offices and cutting edge foundation. Various bury and school games are coordinated over time to empower the understudies to build up a feeling of solid rivalry and collaboration. The Campus has a satisfactory game framework for example Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Chess, and a few other indoor and open air games. Alongside the games, we give Gym offices to our understudies to make them solid and courageous.

Campus Outdoor Activities

An association intended to advance delight in the outside experience. It gives an active way to deal with wild training. We endeavor to give an important medium to understudy commitment. Our attention is on expanding mindfulness and enthusiasm for the outside Understudy’s cerebrums are interested by the assortment and numerous understudies are glad to investigate the world external their study halls. Embracing outside learning exercises urges understudies to be more engaged with their classwork. Further, captivating in outside learning exercises encourages understudies to interface with nature.

National Service Scheme

Public Assistance Plan is an understudy focused program and it is corresponding to training. It is an honorable investigation in scholarly expansion. It instills the soul of deliberate work among understudies and educators through supported local area connection. It carries our scholarly establishments closer to society. It is a connection between the grounds and local area, the College and town, information, and activity. The general point of NSS is the Character Advancement of understudies through local area administration. It gives an augmentation measurement to the Advanced education framework and arranges the understudy youth to local area administration.

Latest Events


B.Sc.(FT) Sem-II (May 2022)

Webinar & Seminar

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A well management and the lecturer are very trained. Well trained lecturers and all. Good infrastructure and facilities are very good. In laboratories they have provided good internet connection. The campus is very clean and green. All subject teachers provides knowledge in better understanding methods and one on one mentoring is provided for each student and mini projects are conducted each semester.All skills based training is provided.Workshops,seminars and events are organized.
Sunita Rani
The campus is huge and richly equipped, infrastructure includes big practical labs, a sports/game room, library. The library includes a variety of books and if you are fond of reading you shall enjoy the time.The institute has an excellent infrastructure which has all the facilities with a well-equipped computer lab, central library, cricket ground, basketball and badminton court. I really like this college and I will recommend everyone to join the college. This is the college to provide you a bright future.
Arshdeep Singh
Our college have equipments and facilities. And for Practical knowledge we also have Workshops and labs. The faculty of our college is very knowledgeable and friendly.The Curriculum is very well planned and students and staff are well guided course structure ahead. The things I have learnt are helping me in my career ahead.Well disciplined and career fit students are from here. Many outstanding students are knowing their talent by the activities that college providing. The friends we get here make the difference of college experience.
Parneet Kaur
Now More About Our Background


Fateh Group of Institutions, the seed of which was sown in 2012, is growing day by day. If I’m not wrong it has become a full grown tree with the age of 8 years. This is an institute for girls, who wish to succeed in life, who are ambitious. The motto “Excellence for All, Excellence from All” foresees the relationship among the students and the staff, for the overall development of not only students but staff also. Joseph Addison has rightly quoted-: “What a sculpture is to block of Marble, Education is to human Soul.” Educational institute should build the environment so as to groom the student’s personality. There is a lot of difference between Literacy and Education. Literacy is the study of syllabus whereas education is meant for social, economical and personal upliftment of students. Education imparts the overall development. Fateh Group ponders over the idea of ambiance where our ancient cultural heritage and human skills are enhanced. We at Fateh Group impart the service of humanity, by creating personally mature, professionally equipped, and service oriented graduates. We, here, believe strongly in excellence in not only academics, but also on discipline, punctuality, sports and extra -curricular activities. Here we try to enable a person to face new challenges, achieve progress and lead asuccessful life

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